Education Scenario in India in 2020

Education has become a big question in today’s time. Who knew 2020 would bring in a storm that would disrupt the standard way of delivering education to our children. Our methods of teaching has taken a jolt and the pandemic has put kids back at home with only privileged few able to continue study. So why has this happened?

In India, let me say almost all schools have been following the pedagogical teaching method that is in classrooms. Computer science was only a 40 minute subject for most kids, and all they needed was to answer their examinations thrice a year. Though kids today have access to mobile phones, thanks to their parents generosity (it may be necessity too in some homes), it was only a mode of entertainment and staying connected. Very few associated a phone with education.

When the pandemic struck, the 10th and 12th board examinations were on and so it had to be stopped midway. Admissions across various levels had just started. Suddenly students across the cities and rural areas had to stop going to school. And hence a break in learning. A short break is always welcome but the pandemic doesn’t seem to end anytime soon and getting kids back to school is not possible immediately. This is where online education has picked up. Thanks to the Byju’s who had much earlier broken the trend and made online learning possible. Soon few others had joined in and now we have multiple service providers even in online education field.

The urban schools which could afford online education started teaching as soon as in April. While some others waited to get their logistics in place and started classes after the summer vacation. But our rural schools are lagging behind in the race to get back their students on track as they don’t have enough funding to make arrangements for online education.

While schools will still find a way to continue, private tuitions have taken a hit. Parents are looking for online tuitions for their children. Some tech savvy tutors have managed to go online and take classes but there are many out there who are struggling to take classes as they don’t have enough knowledge about teaching online. Plus there are other barriers such as internet connectivity and tech issues during the online classes which might be preventing private tutors from taking online classes. There are some platforms such as Techademix which promise to provide a seamless online class experience for both tutors and students with minimum requirement of internet connectivity. Techademix provides online tuitions across all subjects taught in school for all grades unlike many other players who provide very niche line of services.


Online education is going to further pick up pace as the pandemic continues with more students going online. The school teachers as well as private tutors need to learn themselves on ways to provide the students a better learning experience online. The pedagogical way of delivering a class needs to adapt to the online mode of learning. Tutors themselves have to unlearn their old methods and take to the new way on teaching online. As a tutor, are you ready to take the new challenge? As a parent, you need your child to have online school classes, but are you compromising on private tuitions?

August 17, 2020

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