Coding is in Vogue

Every few years there is a new trend in education. The current trend is online coding classes. Initially it was a sluggish area, with Indian parents never interested in pushing their kids into coding so early on. It’s not their fault given that just a few months back all extracurricular activities such as cricket, dance, and what not were in full swing.

But then bang, came the pandemic, and changed so many things over a few days. Parents started to find ways to engage their kids at home and coding came to rescue. And why not, the children are engaged for a while during the class, and long after trying to do some coding on their own. The winner for kids was it sounds so cool to tell friends about the new activity.

So why is coding picking the trend? Coding or computer programming is not new. Its been around for a long time now, just that it was parked for later as a specialized skill, something we learn in college and get a job in some software company. But code is going to become a language of the modern world. From mobile phones, to cars, to jets, to home appliances, all devices are becoming smarter and they feed on instructions which is why coding is becoming essential.

With artificial intelligence becoming mainstream as many as 400 million to 800 million jobs are predicted to be lost by 2030. Many future jobs will solely rely on coding skills. Computers and coding needs to become an early learning skill and not something to be taught later in life. In years to come coding will become an essential survival tool.

There are many players now in this domain such as homegrown WhiteHatJr which focuses on providing live coding classes to kids in age group 6 -1 8 years. Vedantu has also started providing online coding classes. There is Campk12 and Qin1 and many more. The major focus of these edtech companies is to bring coding early to the kids.


We need to see coding as a life skill, it prepares kids mentally and makes them problem solvers. It teaches organization, mathematics, storytelling, and designing. It allows them to express themselves from storytelling to game designing. Lets not forget it turns them from consumers to innovators and may be entrepreneurs later. We need to see coding as an investment into our child’s future.

While we teach coding to our kids, let’s not forget to teach them to look away from the computer screen every 10 minutes, flex their fingers and shoulders, go to the washroom and come to the dining table to get a bite.

August 17, 2020

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